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Sometimes it’s nice to find things all in one place. Here's a range of useful sites to help you find the resources and information you may need. 




Tools available to help monitor the environment and assess how well your project is going. 

Forest Monitoring and Assessment Kit
A monitoring kit for land owners, landcare groups, community groups and anyone else interested in assessing the condition of New Zealand native forest ecosystems.

Freshwater Invertebrate Guide
This web resource helps community groups identify, monitor and learn more about freshwater invertebrates in New Zealand

Stream Health Monitoring and Assessment Kit
This kit helps students, land owners and community groups collect scientifically robust data on stream health.

Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Kit
This kit gives community groups working on wetland restoration projects in New Zealand advice on useful monitoring techniques and methods for assessing the impact of their restoration work.

Choosing places, choosing action
Guides to help you assess and plan work to manage and protect forest and scrub, swamps and bogs and natural features on your property.

Native forest and scrub: overview
Native forest and scrub: detailed actions

Swamps and bogs: overview 
Swamps and bogs: detailed actions

Natural features: overview
Natural features: detailed actions



Key environmental and conservation funding sources for Waikato projects.

Waikato Regional Council

Environmental Initiatives Fund

Enviroschools Grant Fund

Small Scale Community Initiatives Fund

Department of Conservation

Biodiversity funds

TFBIS – Terrestrial and Freshwater Biodiversity Information Systems Programme fund

Nature Heritage Fund

Nga Whenua Rahui

Waikato Community Conservation Fund


Waikato Biodiversity Forum funding list

Ministry for the Environment’s Community Environment Fund

Waikato River Clean-up Trust 

Waikato Catchment Ecological Enhancement Trust

Honda TreeFund

For other funding opportunities, check with your local council.






There are a wide range of organisations that can help support your project. Here are a few:

Department of Conservation

Dunes Trust 

NZ Landcare Trust

NZ Plant Conservation Network

Waikato Biodiversity Forum

Waikato Catchment Ecological Enhancement Trust

Waikato Environment Centre

Waikato Regional Council

Waikato River Authority







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