Waiomou Valley Farms (Gordon and Pamela Blake, Grant and Lindsay Blake)

An inter-generational, family-run farm in Tirau is showcasing New Zealand's clean green image at a local level.

Father and son Gordon and Grant Blake and their wives Pamela and Lindsay operate the 166 effective hectares that won the Supreme Award at the 2011 Ballance Farm Environment Awards.

The operation was described by award judges as “a long-term sustainable unit that will carry on into future generations”. Practices include nutrient run-off management, retiring steep faces and protecting soil structure, as well as protection and enhancement of native bush and wetlands. The Blakes' also maintan excellent recording of financial, production and risk management policies.

The Blakes believe the competitive edge is all about getting it right at a grassroots, local level.

"For us to continue to meet our increasing customer needs we need to get the basics right at home", says Grant. "For us that’s about looking after our environment and resources, and supporting the people that support us."

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