Waikato's local heroes

Find out more about Arthur Cowan
Arthur Cowan
A life dedicated to conservation.

Find out more about Bill and Sue Garland
Bill and Sue Garland
Continuing a legacy of protecting our precious native forests.

Find out more about the Blake Family
Blake family
Sustainable farming for future generations.

Find out more about Taupō Beef
Taupō Beef
Green farming for blue ribbon dining.

Find out more about Trevor James
Trevor James
Weeding out the region's pest plants.

Wharekawa Catchment Care Group
Award-winning weed busters on the Coromandel.

Find out more about the van Loons
Jos and Marian van Loon
Investing in a healthier environment.

Andrew and Jenny Hayes
Andrew and Jenny Hayes
Optimal profit for minimal footprint.


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