Seven garden nasties to look out for this summer.

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What farmers are doing to protect water quality.

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Welcome to The Ripple Effect

The New Zealand environment underpins our national identity, our economy and the clean, green image that contributes to our success on the world stage. So, it’s important we care for our natural environment now and in the future.

Here you can find out about the Waikato people who are working to create and maintain a healthy environment for us all to enjoy. From small backyard actions to major environmental restoration projects, all are having a positive effect on our environment. These individual local actions add up to great results. That’s The Ripple Effect.

You can be part of The Ripple Effect!

Community action groups dotted all over the Waikato are making ripples for a better environment. They are always on the lookout for a helping hand (or spade) from volunteers. So get involved and start making your own ripple today!

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